A Testimony that Gives Us Hope (Oct. 7, 2018)

As Jesus stood before the chief priests, he faced testimonies against him that could not be established. He was innocent. It wasn’t until he spoke up that he gave the priests reason to condemn him. He did this because he gave himself to this end. In a world full of dishonor, crudeness, false testimonies, and disarray, it is easy to become dismayed. But Christians have something that no other people have………………….hope. Listen for more.

Our Value of Christ (Sept. 2, 2018)

Do you we value Christ or regularly reject him? We nod our heads at his words often, we accept certain aspects of who He is like Savior and Teacher, and we even spend time in his developed community. But do we acknowledge all aspects of who HE is? Do we call Him Lord and Judge? Are we willing to pour out what we have in service and honor of Him? When Mary poured out the nard ointment on Jesus the disciples were indignant. Are we those disciples who don’t really value Christ as much as we should? May we be reminded of his death for us on the cross and the day to day grace He extends to us so that we may be motivated to value Him in all things.

We Don’t Know the Time (Aug. 12, 2018)

It is easy to get caught up in life and forget what we’re looking forward to. The disciples often asked about the future and when things would happen. Jesus never told them exactly when but he did give them signs to be watching. The church needs to be alert. The church needs to be looking forward. The church is awaiting the bridegroom. Will you be ready?

The Purposeful Church (August 5, 2018)

What is the purpose of the church? Is it really that important that I be a part of it if I am a Christian? God gave the church tremendous power through the apostles’ doctrine (aka the New Testament). The church is not just something that is a part of Christianity. It is the ordained institution through which Christians serve and praise God. It is important that not only every Christian be in a local church body but also that they are humbling and submitting themselves to its authority in their lives.