He is the Christ (March 11, 2018)

We often say the Jesus is the Christ or the Son of God or the Word made flesh or many other things. But what does this actually mean in the application of everything we do? This truth is tested throughout our life and the depth of our belief is shown through our obedience to His commandments. Jesus calls us to deny ourselves and lose our lives and the only way we do this is through a belief that He is the Christ. Listen to this sermon for more.

Understanding the Feeding Miracles (Feb. 25, 2018)

Some refer to the feeding of the 4000 as the “forgotten miracle” because of it’s great similarity to the feeding of the 5000. Why did Jesus perform the same miracle twice? What message and purpose comes from each of these? The disciples were charged with not understanding the message. Do we understand it? Listen to this sermon for more.

What to Believe About Christ (Feb. 18, 2018)

What do you believe about Christ when it comes to trials you face? What do you believe about Christ as you engage in ministry? So much of what Christ did while he was on Earth was modeling for us how to live according to the truth of who He is. He shows compassion both to Jew and Gentile. He is faithful. He works through many different means. We also should show compassion. We also shouldn’t get caught up in the HOW’S of our ministry as much as paying attention to the content of our ministry. Let us proclaim truth and proclaim Christ no matter our talents, gifts, manners of speech, etc. Listen to this sermon for more.

A Test of Trust and Faith (Feb. 11, 2018)

In this account of the Gentile, Syrophoenician woman begging for her daughter’s deliverance from a demon, Jesus displays unexpected behavior. He essentially calls the woman a dog. What possibly is happening here? Is Jesus being mean? Certainly not. Listen to this sermon to see a demonstration of tremendous faith and trust in a compassionate Lord.