We Don’t Know the Time (Aug. 12, 2018)

It is easy to get caught up in life and forget what we’re looking forward to. The disciples often asked about the future and when things would happen. Jesus never told them exactly when but he did give them signs to be watching. The church needs to be alert. The church needs to be looking forward. The church is awaiting the bridegroom. Will you be ready?

The Purposeful Church (August 5, 2018)

What is the purpose of the church? Is it really that important that I be a part of it if I am a Christian? God gave the church tremendous power through the apostles’ doctrine (aka the New Testament). The church is not just something that is a part of Christianity. It is the ordained institution through which Christians serve and praise God. It is important that not only every Christian be in a local church body but also that they are humbling and submitting themselves to its authority in their lives.

The Together Church (July 29, 2018)

How do you view the church? Is it something expendable? Is it something optional? In a day where fewer people in the U.S. are going to church but many still say they are Christ followers, it is time Christians begin to view the church through God’s eyes instead of their own. The church is people called together. This is seen in the beginning of the church in Acts. Listen to this sermon to understand what is the church.

Not Far From the Kingdom (July 15, 2018)

Jesus tells a scribe that he is not far from the kingdom of God. What is it about this scribe’s attitude that helps him in being acknowledged this way by Christ? What is it about the commandments and how we approach them that puts us in the same position as the scribe? Listen to this sermon and humble yourself so that you may grow in the Lord.