The Heart is What Matters (Feb. 4, 2018)

The Pharisees found their godliness in whether they completed ceremonial washings and whether they ate “clean” food or not. They completely missed the point. The law showed them that uncleanness was an issue, but it’s our heart that is defiled. It is our heart that we must be concerned with. This means we should be evaluating our intentions and our desires. It is from the heart that proceeds evil acts. Only Christ can cleanse our heart on the inside. Listen to this sermon for more.

The Sin of Limiting God (Jan. 21, 2018)

The familiar story of Jesus walking on the water brings an awe in our imaginations as to what that must have been like. The disciples were utterly astonished. The major point in Mark’s account, though, is that the disciples learned nothing from the miracle of the loaves. Their heart was hardened. And yet, Jesus still sought them and got in their boat. Listen to this sermon to understand more of God’s grace even when we are lacking faith.

Three Examples of Compassion (Jan. 14, 2017)

In Mark 6:30-44, we are shown three examples of compassion shown by Christ. Compassion is not something that Jesus was just showing us. It is something that He was modeling. The apostles went on to model the same thing for us. Since the church began, faithful saints have demonstrated compassion. We, also, are to demonstrate compassion. Listen to this sermon to understand three examples of compassion so that they may show up in our own life for the sake of others and the glory of God.

Faithful to the End (Jan. 7, 2018)

Mark tells us about John the Baptist’s fate at the hands of King Herod. Why does he tell us this and what can we learn from this interesting relationship? Faithfulness is the key. Faithfulness is rooted in whether you believe that Jesus is truly the Son of God and that he came to save us from the consequence of sin in each of our lives. Do you really believe that? Listen to this sermon out of Mark 6 for more.