Faithful Even in His Death (Nov.4, 2018)

Is your Christianity really about Christ? Or is it about what you get out of Christ? In Jesus’ death, Mark leaves us with examples of faithfulness towards Christ even as he was crucified and placed in the tomb. What an astounding faith! Wouldn’t we all like to say that we, too, would have followed him to the tomb? The wonderful truth about this passage is that Christ is truly something to be amazed by. Even if we never received anything in this life he is still worthy to be followed. Do you know Christ in this way?

Reality of Bearing the Cross (Oct. 28, 2018)

Christians often talk and study about Christ and the crucifixion, but rarely do we consider that as an example of what we’re to undertake. Christ said we couldn’t be his disciple unless we take up the cross. Peter tells us that Christ suffered and it was an example for us to follow in his steps. It is time that Christians consider the reality of bearing the cross. Listen to this sermon to see if you’re bearing the cross or not.

A Testimony that Gives Us Hope (Oct. 7, 2018)

As Jesus stood before the chief priests, he faced testimonies against him that could not be established. He was innocent. It wasn’t until he spoke up that he gave the priests reason to condemn him. He did this because he gave himself to this end. In a world full of dishonor, crudeness, false testimonies, and disarray, it is easy to become dismayed. But Christians have something that no other people have………………….hope. Listen for more.